Motorcycle Loan

Easily afford that brand new motorcycle that you want, have it registered under your name, and ride it through good times.


  • Guaranteed low interest rates
  • Fast processing of loan approval
  • Low monthly amortization*
  • Flexible payment terms (up to 48 months/4 years)
  • Loan the total contract price of any motorcycle


  •  PNP
    • No requirements
  •  BFP
    • Recent Duty Status**
    • Certificate of Non-Pending Case**
    • Two (2) valid IDs**
    • Two (2) Recent Payslips**
    • Certificate of Employment and Compensation**
    • Certificate of Non-Pending Case**

Member must be assessed to have the capacity to pay using Regular Member’s Salary or must be fully secured with 100% PSSLAI deposit/investment which will be assigned to PSSLAI. Other charges: Credit Life and Motorcycle Insurance (required for loans granted on clean basis, i.e. via Salary Deduction); Php 500.00 Processing Fees regardless of loan amount or term. Pre-payment of the Motorcycle loan may be allowed, subject to a pre-payment fee. Rates are subject to change without prior notice.

*Inclusive of LTO Registration and Insurance

**Applicable for Non-Collateralized Loan