You can be financially confident in your future! PSSLAI puts your satisfaction forward and prioritizes your well-being through our member-centered savings and loan products. Being our member lets you have:

1. Competitive Advantages

PSSLAI offers the lowest and most competitive interest rates for loans, and a highly-diverse product line-up ranging from housing, vehicle, salary loans, emergency loans, and more. We also offer the highest income on investments and savings – tax free!

2. Immediate Access to Funds

Members have 24/7 access to their accounts through the iTRACK Facility, PSSLAI Bilis Online Facility, and the PSSLAI Bilis Mobile app . In this exclusive and highly secure platform, members can check their account balance/s, transfer funds, and buy cell phone load anytime, anywhere. Funds and loan proceeds can also be securely withdrawn nationwide at any of PSSLAI’s disbursement partners namely any Philippine National Bank (PNB), MLhuillier, LBC, or through the PSSLAI VISA card.

3. Investing Opportunities

The Association continues to provide a consistent and unbeatable rate of 18% per annum on Capital Contribution investments. PSSLAI likewise provides higher than market interest rate returns on the Premium Savings Account.

4. Return of Investments

Apart from the Association’s high-yielding investments and deposits, 5% of PSSLAI’s net income is also returned to members through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs and activities such as generous financial assistance and donations, scholarships, and outreach programs that benefit the public safety sector.

5. Financial Advice and Support

PSSLAI’s Financial Management Seminars (FMS) orients members about the culture of savings and responsible borrowing. Aside from the PSSLAI-sponsored seminar given by financial guru Chinkee Tan nationwide, members may also call any PSSLAI Member Care hotline or representative for queries or to schedule a Financial Seminar.