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For more than 18 years, PSSLAI kept its commitment to serve and protect those who serve and protect. It all started on July 1, 2003. With the separation of the Philippine National Police (PNP) from the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and pursuant to Republic Act 8367 (an Act Providing for the Regulation of the Organization and Operation of Non-Stock Savings and Loan Associations which mandated that an Association shall confine its membership to a well-defined group of persons and shall not transact business with the general public), the Public Safety Savings and Loan Association, Inc. (PSSLAI) was founded to uphold the best interest of the public safety sector. The company is dedicated to serving the members of the PNP and the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP).


With only 24 employees, 54 million pesos as start-up capital, and a ground floor office at the Kiangan Hall in Camp Crame, PSSLAI invested on excellent service and innovative technology. The company created products and services with the satisfaction and financial well-being of the public safety personnel in mind. PSSLAI offers loans with the lowest interest rates in the industry with guaranteed no hidden charges while simultaneously integrating a wide array of investment opportunities with high income on savings and investment products.

With customer-centered services, hard work and dedication of the Board of Trustees, Management, and employees, PSSLAI worked its way toward becoming the most admired and credible savings and loan association that it is now. Its growth is testified by the loyalty and patronage of more than 200,000 members, its growing 57 Billion asset portfolio, a 12-storey state-of-the-art green and intelligent building along EDSA Quezon City, a branch in Camp Crame, and 38 standardized and fully-equipped Satellite Offices in key cities nationwide.


On top of that, PSSLAI is the only SLAI serving the Public Safety Sector that is recognized as one of the drivers of growth of the Philippine economy. It is the only SLAI to be included in the Philippines’ Top 500 Corporations in 2015 and Top 400 Corporations in 2016 by the Philippine Business Profiles and Perspectives, Inc. Aside from being highly endorsed by the PNP, BFP, and PPSC leadership, PSSLAI is also supervised and authorized by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).


Our Vision

To achieve 100% membership in all Public Safety Agencies and become our Members’ first choice in all their financial needs.

PSSLAI Mission

our mission

To provide all our Members the opportunity to enjoy comprehensive financial and social benefits by offering member-centric products and services built on relationships.

core values














PSSLAI was created with a single mandate - 

to uphold the best interest of the public safety sector in the country.

Up to this day, we are still upholding that promise,

but we are not stopping there,

as we turn a new year,

we will have better ways of creating

member-centered products and services.

We will connect with our members and would be members.

We will focus on our member's needs,

understand their emotions,

feelings, and aspirations,

because they are just like us,

we are one of them, and

they are one of us.

We will listen, learn from each other, and

Understand the value of what we are building.

PSSLAI will know our members by name and vise versa.

When a member calls, we will answer the phone.

When a member is lost, we will help them find their way.

When they are in need, we will lend an extra hand.

We will celebrate with them with their triumphs, and

Uplift them in times of defeat.

We will go the extra mile because we care.

We will make The PSSLAI experience feel like it's the only way

Savings and Loan Association services could have been, because

we are not just a Savings and Loan Association,

we are the better one.

We are PSSLAI.

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