Cash Bonus para sa New Loans

Promo Period: Starting January 2, 2024

Eligibility: Open to ALL Regular and Associate Members who availed of a qualified salary or pension-deducted loan products.

Cash Bonus Tier:

Loan Amount Cash Bonus
Below 100,000 P500
100,000 to 199,999 P1,000
200,000 to 499,999 P2,000
500,000 and up P2,500

Program Mechanics    : 

  1. Applicable to NEW LOAN accounts only. Any loan amount and any loan term.
  2. Cash bonus is on a per loan account basis. Hence, a member can avail multiple loan products provided that these are all NEW LOAN accounts.
  3. Cash bonuses shall be automatically credited to the member’s CASA account on the next business day.
  4. This product is for one-time availment only.
  5. Not qualified to the Libreng Cellphone of Plus 10k promo or any ongoing promo during loan availment unless otherwise stated in the campaign’s terms and conditions.

Qualified Loan Products    : 

  1. Salary Loan
  2. Emergency Loan
  3. Universal Loan
  4. Affordaloan
  5. Pension Loan