Membership Update Downloadable Forms

Need to update personal information such as name or contact number?

You may now download the following PSSLAI forms and submit to any PSSLAI office near you!

Membership and Account Forms

  • Membership Application and Account Opening Form for new Membership application, PSSLAI VISA card application, and iTrack registration
  • Member Update Request Form for changes in Membership information, Member requests (i.e. Bank Certification/Statement, Replacement of lost passbook/ID, ID Renewal/Damaged ID, Reactivation/Update/Change of Mobile Number in the iTrack Facility,  etc.)
  • Account Update Form for changes in Investment/Savings Account information (i.e. Single to Joint account, Change of Co-Depositor/Trustor, etc.)
  • Certificate of Endorsement Form a requirement to become an Associate Member
  • Advances to Members Authorization (AMA) Form PSSLAI members who wish to receive their cash advance for the month of July of the current year, may submit their AMA Form and have it validated by authorized PSSLAI personnel on or before June 30 of the current year. Members who previously submitted their AMA form are not required to submit anymore, since the Association will honor the previously received AMA form. 

Loan Forms Inquire for a loan online here

  • Salary Loan, Emergency Loan, and Pension Loan
  • Opay Loan
  • KaPartner Loan (Back 2 Back Loan)