Sales Management Department Head

(Code: SMD HEAD) Sales Management Department Head


The Sales Management Department (SMD) Head has the primary role of leading the department, overseeing sales activities of the Satellite Offices, Account Representatives and Agents, and monitoring sales performance as a whole. The SMD Head defines and communicates the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and targets to the sales team on a regular basis, analyses patterns in market behavior, and subsequently defines data-driven action strategies in order to consistently optimize the Association’s Sales performance. Moreover, it also involves coordination with external partners (PNP, BFP and other related Institutions) and collaborations with numerous internal departments.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Leadership/Supervisory Role: She provides leadership over the SMD. She is in charge of managing daily/weekly/monthly/annual and seasonal sales targets for the department, examining growth opportunities, enabling sales improvements, and taking responsibility for the department’s performance against targets. She also plays a mentorship role to key positions within the department, honing their professional skills, and readying them as alternates of her position in his absence or resignation/ retirement.

Strategy: She implements sales strategies and drives enhanced revenue generation for the Association. She identifies the roadmap that will lead to achieving the department’s objectives as well as the overall goals of the Association. She creates and implements sales action plans that incorporate key actions that work to set KPI’s for the business.

Analytics: She utilizes analytics tools and works with Product Development and Marketing Communications Department (PDMCD) and Business Analytics and Actuarial Risk Management Office (BAARMO) in undertaking detailed analyses of sales performance for the purpose of reporting sales strategy successes, weaknesses, and opportunities. Through various research and analyses, she identifies areas of improvement in sales strategies and with a view of establishing actionable insights for the improving of sales. She also monitors and observes the sales performance and makes forecasts and identifies new trends.

Collaboration: She highly collaborates with PDMCD and BAARMO in creating market/product intelligence, e.g. conducting trend analysis, and ensuring that these are aligned to support and drive sales and conversion as well as translating it into actionable strategies that drive sales to achieve targets.

Knowledge/Relationships/Opportunity: She manages key relationships on behalf of the Association. She builds strong relationships with the external partners (PNP, BFP and other related Institutions) in order to get continuous support and relevant information that can be utilized to improve sales strategies.

Other Duties: The Head of Sales also performs other duties as he deems necessary for the execution of his duties.

Required Qualifications

Education: Preferably with a master’s degree in Marketing, Business Management, Business Administration, Entrepreneurship or other related field.

Experience: With at least 10 years of work experience in sales in Micro Lending Companies, Banks, Financial Services and other related industries, 6 years of which is in sales managerial/departmental head position. She must also have a proven and successful ability to lead big group of sales team towards growth in enhanced sales volumes and revenue generation.

Communication Skills: She must possess exceptional communication skills both written and verbal form that are especially important in enabling effective communication between her interactions within the organization, the Members and external partners.

Analytical Skills: She must also have a keen interest in collation and analysis of market information transforming this into actionable sales strategies and approaches.

Interpersonal Skills: She must possess interpersonal skills that will encourage openness and trust both internally and externally, self-motivated, with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, adaptable to business growth fluctuations, works comfortably and effortlessly in group settings, persuasive individual, thrive in a fast-paced environment, work well under the pressure of stringent deadlines and demonstrates calmness under stressful situations, inspiring the same in her team.

Leadership/People Skills: She must demonstrate exceptional leadership skills, portraying an ability to move and inspire a large group in a unified direction and vision. She must also be likable and approachable who is able to form strong and long-lasting relationships both internally and externally.

***Kindly email you resume with this format on the subject email: Fullname, Code (ex: Maficar Nolasco, SMD HEAD)