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To achieve 100% membership in all Public Safety Agencies and become our Members’ first choice in all their financial needs.


To provide all our Members the opportunity to enjoy comprehensive financial and social benefits by offering customer-centric products and services built on relationships.


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On July 1, 2003, an institution that upholds the best interest of the Public Safety Sector in the country was founded. Following the separation of the Philippine National Police (PNP) from the Armed Forces of the Philippines and pursuant to Republic Act 8367 or an Act Providing for the Regulation of the Organization and Operation of Non-Stock Savings and Loan Associations which mandated that an Association shall confine its membership to a well-defined group of persons and shall not transact business with the general public, the Public Safety Savings and Loan Association, Inc. (PSSLAI) was born and established to serve the members of the PNP, the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP), and the Bureau of Jail and Management Penology (BJMP).  
With only 24 employees, 54 Million pesos in start-up capital, and a ground floor office at the Kiangan Hall in Camp Crame, PSSLAI centered on excellent service  and  innovative technology by creating products and services with the satisfaction and financial well-being of the public safety family in mind.  PSSLAI Loans have the lowest interest rates in the industry with no hidden charges guaranteed. The Association also offers an array of investment opportunities with high dividends.  
Through these, and the hard work and dedication of the PSSLAI Board of Trustees, Management, and employees,  PSSLAI today is the most admired and credible savings and loan association with its growth testified by the loyalty and patronage of more than 200,000 members*, its 34 Billion and growing asset portfolio, a 12 storey State-of-the-Art green and intelligent building along EDSA Quezon City, a branch in Camp Crame, and standardized and fully-equipped Extension Offices in key cities nationwide.
PSSLAI is supervised and authorized by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas to conduct business and is endorsed by the PNP, BFP, BJMP, and PPSC leadership. PSSLAI was the only SLAI to be included in the Philippines’ Top 500 Corporations in 2015 and Top 400 Corporations in 2016 by the Philippine Business Profiles and Perspectives, Inc. and is recognized as one of the Drivers of Growth of the Philippine Economy.


  • June 27  The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas grants PSSLAI the authority to operate
  • July 1 Start of Operations. PSSLAI first opened doors at a Ground Floor office in Kiangan Hall, Camp Crame with only 24 personnel and an initial capital of 54 Million pesos
  • July 4 The very first salary loan transaction was granted to SPO2 Antonio A. Dawagan amounting to Php95,000. This marked the beginning of billions of prompt financial assistance given to the public safety personnel.
  • In the same year, operational expenses centred on computerization to standardize processes and reduce transaction time
  • In just 6 months of operations, Assets grew by 249% or 168,401 Million Pesos
  • With the Association releasing 18% per annum dividends on Capital Contribution investments
  • Reached the 10,000 Member-Investor benchmark, or a membership growth rate of 162.22%
  • Total Assets at 940 Million Pesos
  • July 31, 2006
  • The first Extension Office was opened in Camp Vicente Lim, Laguna. Its success inspired the opening of other Extension Offices in Pampanga, Iloilo and Davao
  • Rapid growth rate of Total Assets at 113.91% or more than 1.7 Billion pesos
  • www.psslai.com was launched
  • The first caravan was introduced in La Union and Pangasinan. This gave birth to the same day processing of membership and loan applications nationwide and it also improved service levels as it brings transactions closer to the members.
  • The second storey of the Kiangan Hall was renovated effectively doubling the Head Office space to welcome more members
  • With the exception of Region PRO 4B (Calapan, Mindoro), New Extension Offices were established in all key cities and regions namely La Union, Tuguegarao, Baguio, Pampanga, Albay, Tacloban, Zamboanga, Cagayan de Oro, General Santos, ARMM-Cotabato, and Butuan
  • Total Assets at Php3.1 Billion or an average growth of 102.10% every year since it started
  • PSSLAI CAPCON dividends remain strong at 18% per annum even when competitors started reducing their dividends to only 14-15% per annum.
  • Successful customization and implementation of the SAP system in both the accounting and tellering systems. This not only enabled real time data access that expedited delivery of accurate financial data needed for the Board and Management’s formulation of policies and programs but it also enhanced communication between all offices nationwide leading to faster transactions.
  • Through Board initiative, PSSLAI launched the very first Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program amongst all non-stock savings and loan associations in the Philippines. The PSSLAI CSR automatically allots 5% of its net income to programs that directly benefit the public safety sector.
  • From 2008, approximately 500 Million pesos worth of donations have been given and it is mostly comprised of building and infrastructure repairs, vehicle and computer equipment as well as 100% full board scholarships to members. In addition and regardless of membership, financial assistance is also provided to the families of those killed and wounded in action, and those affected by natural calamities such as typhoons and floods, and by man-made disasters such as wars, strife, and siege.
  • First 5 Billion Pesos in Total Assets reached  
  • Establishment of Extension offices in Bacolod City and Pagadian
  • SAP was also introduced in the loans monitoring, and billing and collection programs for additional efficiency
  • Successful completion of the prestigious Corporate Governance and Compliance Course of the Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD) by all members of the Board of Trustees and Top Management
  • Increase in the number of caravans from 2 to 3 trips per region thus enabling more members to transact right where they live or work.
  • Php1.076 Dividend Declaration – the first time that the 1.0B mark was surpassed for a dividend payout
  • Reached 100,000 Members and surpassed 10 Billion pesos in Total Assets
  • Groundbreaking of the new headquarters
  • The Association marks 10-strong years through the unveiling of the 12-storey PSSLAI Corporate Office.  The new PSSLAI headquarters feature the tallest vertical garden in Southeast Asia when it was built, and is the first environmentally sustainable, green building certified infrastructure along EDSA. It represents the Board’s vision of a progressive and innovative organization that remains rooted to serving the people.
  • Through a signed Memorandum of Agreement, the employees of the Philippine Public Safety College joins the elite roster of PSSLAI eligible members. The same year and through exertion of the Board of Trustees, PSSLAI employees are also welcomed as members of the Association.
  • 10 Million pesos worth of prizes were given away to members the best of which was the 5 brand New Toyota Vios vehicles
  • Opened the year by lowering the loan interest rates! From 16% per annum, the salary, pension, and emergency loan interest rates are decreased to only 11% per annum for a 3 year term loan and 12% per annum for a 4-year term. Loans payable in 5 years were also decreased to 12.5% per annum interest.
  • The Official PSSLAI Facebook Fan Page with Customer Care Support was introduced to members
  • PSSLAI welcomes the Bureau of Fire Protection family to its elite roster
  • Surpassed 20 Billion Pesos in Total Assets, and experienced its highest total asset growth of 5.81 Billion pesos earned in a single year
  • 150 Million worth of donations thru PSSLAI’s CSR program
  • The Family welcomes the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology to its eligible roster
  • Launched the first-ever Financial Management Seminar (FMS) for the benefit of PO1s in training centers nationwide. Through hiring of established financial advisors and industry professionals,  the FMS teaches the young and low ranking policemen about legal financial opportunities and resources available to them specifically savings, investments, and smart borrowing
  • The Aggressive Renovation of existing extension offices ensues with the unveiling of offices in General Santos, Southern Police District, Cebu, Cagayan de Oro, and Davao. Each new building is custom-built to increase the comfort and ease of transaction of members. The Acquisition of Land and Construction in prioritized areas was also started to ensure that all offices will be up to date with the high service standards set by the Association.
  • Recognized in the Philippines’ Top 500 Corporations at the 455th place by the Philippine Business profiles & Perspectives, Inc. naming PSSLAI as a driver of growth of the Philippine economy
  • Built from the ground up, fully-renovated offices were opened in Canlubang and Zamboanga
  • Year End Total Assets at 29.8 Billion pesos  
  • Surpassed 200,000 Members and reached 37.147 Billion pesos in Total Assets
  • Advanced in the Top 400th spot of the Philippines’ Top 500 Corporations by the Philippine Business Profiles & Perspectives, Inc.
  • Opened newly built offices in Pampanga, Iloilo, Butuan, Bacolod, Tacloban, La Union, and Tuguegarao
  • Increased the loanable amount of the Pension Loan from 700,000 to a maximum of 2 Million pesos
  • Launch of the PSSLAI Win and Drive 15th Anniversary promo – giving members the chance to win a brand new Toyota Altis, A brand new Toyota Wigo or a Kawasaki Rouser Motorcycle depending on their loyalty and loan availment  
  • Groundbreaking of the new 5-storey training center in Baguio – envisioned to be the center for excellence in the skills enhancement of all employees
  • Unveiling of newly built extension offices in Baguio, Albay, and Calapan with 9 new extension offices set to be opened the same year

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